How to run a Python service

This is how I run my Python bots. This example is valid for CentOS, and it’s probably very similar on any other distro. You probably will just need to update the paths.

First, add a shebang with the path to python (or python3, whatever you use) to the top of the file:

#!/usr/local/bin/python3 -u

Then create a bot.service file in /etc/systemd/system:

# change this to whatever you want
Description = Telegram bot

Type = simple
# change user accordingly
User = mendel
Wants =
After =

Restart = on-failure
RestartSec = 10
startLimitIntervalSec = 60

# path to python file dir
WorkingDirectory = /home/mendel/python/bot
# path to python file
ExecStart = /home/mendel/python/bot/
StandardOutput = syslog
StandardError = syslog

WantedBy =

Now, to test run sudo systemctl start bot, and you can check status (and any output you print) by doing sudo systemctl -l status bot. -l is not required. You can stop it with sudo systemctl stop bot.

bot is merely the name of the .service file, you can change that as you wish.

If everything was good, you can sudo systemctl enable bot to make it start automatically on boot. Obviously there is also a disable command.

python linux systemd